Paul Beran

Paul Beran
Advertel President & CEO

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Since 1994, Advertel is one of only a few ad agencies with a specialization in telecommunications. Recognized for its widely accepted “TeleBranding” criteria.

Beran is responsible for thousands of telephone “media” applications through North America

• Home Buyers Hotline

• FeedBax®


• Voters’Voice™

Getting an early start in media, Beran worked as a radio DJ at the young age of 16, while finishing high school, and also attending classes at the University of Pittsburgh.

2013 White House Business Council Named to Pres O’Bama’s Business Council of Entrepreneurs

2012 BEST OF BUSINESS AWARD by the Small Business Community

2004 COMMUNICATOR AWARD For a chain of waterpark resorts automated phone presentation

1995 Awards Committee Chairman Multi-Media Telecommunications Association (MMTA)

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